Automatic Truck Trail Tank Welding Equipment

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Automatic Truck Trail Tank Welding Equipment
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Tank Welding Equipment
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Automatic Truck Trail Tank Welding Equipment
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Qingdao,Automatic Truck Trail Tank Welding Equipment

Automatic Tank Welding Equipment for Truck Trail  




Concrete mixer tank

Automatic Truck Trail Tank Welding Equipment 


1. Concrete mixer truck tank welding equipment

Key type longitudinal welding machine

    Mainly used for flat stitching longitudinal seam automatic welding, the welding process can be TIG / MIG / MAG / PWA / SAW and other methods for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, titanium and other materials, widely used the aerospace, automotive parts, motorcycles, home appliances, pressure vessels and food machinery industry. Pneumatic compression device key structure to ensure uniformity of the work piece clamping, mandrel optional water-cooled and back seam gas protection, reduce welding deformation; control system uses PLC + touch interface humane and effective to ensure the welding quality, simple and reliable operation

Main parameter






Work piece length(mm)





Work piece thickness(mm)


Welding head walking speed(mm/M)

0-4000 (or according to customer demand)

Welding torch lift stroke(mm)



Welding torch fine turning stroke (mm)


Controller power

Single-phase AC220v 50Hz


    Standard configuration: Support mandrel (without water), copper solder pads (pads shaped groove dimensions according to the work piece thickness, material, welding technology decision), copper key pressure means, 100mm gun pneumatic lift mechanism (carrying 20kg), 60mm stroke two-dimensional manual adjustment mechanism, common arc welding controller (can be adapted TIG / MAG / PAW)

    Option: Water-cooled spindle support with back air protection pads, stainless steel liner, pneumatic / manual for the device, TIG wire feeder, ALC arc length tracker, pneumatic hook, electric cross skateboard, seam tracking devices, auxiliary loading and unloading car, submerged arc welding head and controller

Barrel straight seam welding center

    The longitudinal seam welding machine is mainly composed CZ3× 3 Operating manual rotary machine, "7" shape welded frame (plus copper pad), the work piece carriage, NBC500 gas shielded welding power source (including wire feeder, wiring, etc.), BDQ- composed of a welding oscillator and other parts, mainly for the tapered cylinder outer longitudinal weld seam.

The main working steps:

n The work piece is placed on the cantilever bracket welded to quickly find the welds through a dedicated ruler;

n Bracket holding the work piece put in welding place;

n By operating the welding manipulator boom’s telescopic are to complete the seam welding;

n During welding weld oscillator swing so can ensure weld seam even and appearance, copper liner was put in cantilever bracket conducive to the formation of welding.

 Long shaft rotator and the group of Squirrel tool

1. Structure: the whole or segmental structures; for 8-16 cubic meters tank;
2. Mainly used for cement mixer cylinder group welding; cylinder diameter range of ø1800-2600mm, two roller center distance adjustable

3. Load 5-20 tons; the length of the drum 6000-10000mm; drum diameter ø260-325 mm
4. Adopting AC frequency conversion speed control; and with remote operation box
5. Smooth operation after loading, speed regulating is reliable; the connection between reducer and rotator is connected with a transmission shaft (Universal)

6. Drive mode: two rolls simultaneously driving; drive type: AC motor;
7. Fixed frame, chassis plate is welded, annealing after weld, to remove stress
8. The squirrel cage tooling is annealing treated after welding, connecting surface finishing, good stiffness, high group precision

Barrel circular welding center

    The circular seam welding machine is mainly composed of CZ44 electric walking electric rotary welding manipulator, ZTX-10T special welding rotator, NBC-500 IGBT gas shielded welding machine, welding car, etc. mainly used for outer circular seam welding of tank and vessel. The machine usually put beside wall.

The main work steps:

n  Put the work piece on ZTX-10T welding rotator;

n  Align the start position of the welding seam through the travel and boom extension function of the welding manipulator;

 n Welding rotator rotates, start arc welding;

n  Judge welding seam offset according to the indicator, real-time adjust welding torch offset by fine tuning slider;

n  Welding finish, press the stop button, welding arc extinguishing, welding rotator stop rotate.




Storage tank

2. Storage tank welding equipment.

Special shape vessel positioner

    welding process in the procedure of the tank manufacturing, make the tank and fixture welded together, fixed on the worktable of the positioner, so that the frame can be 360 degrees do any flip, in the process of welding, vertical welding, overhead welding seam, can change into flat welding fast after shift position, so that make the heavy welding work more humanization, reduce the labor intensity of workers, make the welding site more secure and standard, so as to ensure the welding quality, improve the efficiency of welding, ensure employee’ safety.

Main technical parameter

Loading capacity: 5000kg

Work piece length: 5000-20000mm

Work piece width: 3600

Worktable tilt angle: 360°×n

Worktable tilting speed: 0.4r/min~1.5r/min,Rotary drive frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, in the range of speed, fluctuation of rotate speed is not more than 5% when bearing maximum loading

Max. Eccentricity:        200mm

Rotate center height:       ≥1700mm(on base of ground)

Welding current :              1000 A

Special shape tank self-adjustable welding rotator

Main technical parameter

 Model No.


2 Initiative load capacity


Roller base adjust mode

Screw stepless regulation

Roller liner speed

200-1000mm/min (Frequency stepless speed adjustment)

Motor power


Vessel diameter


Roller surface material


Roller dia.


Roller width


Inner distance of rail


Special shape tank gantry type welding

Welding process:

1). Tank longitudinal seam welding

A. Align the start position of the welding seam through the travel of gantry frame and slide plate moving;

B. Gantry frame travel (travel speed change to frequency stepless speed regulation), start longitudinal seam welding, Operator adjust the welding seam offset in real time manually. Welding head is with welding oscillator, can be used when required.

2). Tank Circular seam welding

A. Align the axle center position of the welding seam through the travel of gantry frame and slide plate moving;

B. Welding positioner drive work piece rotate to finish seam welding, mechanical tracking device adjust the angle and height of welding gun automatically, real-time tracking of work piece surface; and the mechanical tracking device capable of weld in the axial offset can be automatic fine tuning.

C. work piece rotary speed can be adjusted automatically, to meet the requirement of welding.

D. head with a welding oscillator can be used when needed.

Main Technical Parameter

Model No.


Gantry trolley travel speed


(infinite speed variation)

Torch horizontal moving speed


Torch lifting speed


Torch lifting stroke


Guide rail center distance


Guide rail specification

24kg (precision type)

Guide rail length


Input power

three phase four wire system 380V/50Hz

Variable section beam automatic welding

    The equipment is special for automobile beam welding, widely used in building steel structure, the crossbeam of the automobile and engineering machinery “ I “ beam welding production, adopts centralized control system. Main composed of Gantry frame, two sets of MZ-1000 submerged arc welding power supply, two sets of horizontal electric mobile slider, two sets of electric hanging head, two sets of automatic tracking mechanism, two sets of flux recovery machine and control system etc.. With high efficiency, good welding quality is the ideal equipment for H type and “I “beam welding.

Main technical parameter:

1)  Height of gantry frame(distance between beam and ground)   1.2m

2)  Torch lifting stroke(Up Down)             200mm

3)  Torch longitudinal travel               700mm

4)  Gantry frame travel motor power           0.75KW×2

5)  Gantry frame travel welding speed         250-1200mm/min

6)  Fast return speed                  2880mm/min

7)  Gantry frame Guide rail center distance: 3m (user prepare)

8)  Length of guide rail        Customizable

Chain Turnover machine

Main Technical parameter


Technical data

Size of work piece L x W (Max.)


Length of work piece


Turnover mode


Total power


Hoisting speed

About 1500mm/min

R & L center distance of column


F & B center distance of column


Tilting angle


Driven method

Conical braking motor + cycloidal reducer

Max. loading weight


Operate mode

remote control

(can work individual or simultaneous)

Column model no.

Welded steel plate

Chain specification





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